Mission,Vision & Areas of Focus

Management Philosophy

With respect to the various neurological diseases, especially “intractable neurological or muscular diseases,” we

  1. Strive to provide comprehensive, advanced, and specialized neurological medical care broadly to Tokyo metropolitan residents.
  2. Play a role in clinical research, education, and training for neurological diseases.
  3. Fulfill a mission to contribute to social welfare policies as a core hospital in the Tokyo metropolitan region not only in medical care, but also in everything from prevention to welfare.

Characteristics of the Tokyo Metropolitan Neurological Hospital

The characteristics of the Tokyo Metropolitan Neurological Hospital can be grouped under following three categories according to the above management philosophy

1. Specialist nervous system hospital
As a hospital specializing in neurological diseases, our declared specialties with hospital beds are neurological internal medicine, neurological surgery, pediatric neurology, neuro-ophthalmology, neuro-otology, and anesthesiology. Together with the neuropsychiatry, rehabilitation, neuro-radiology, and dentistry departments, we have 10 departments that coordinate together to provide patient care. Our hospital is an inpatient-only hospital. Outpatients coming to the hospital admission counter are directed to the Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Medical Center or Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Medical Center outpatient clinics, which are located on the same premises. Care is provided by doctors from our hospital's seven departments (neurological internal medicine, neurological surgery, neuro-otology, neuro-ophthalmology, anesthesiology, rehabilitation, and neuropsychiatry) at Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Medical Center outpatient clinics, and at our hospital's two departments (pediatric neurology and neurological surgery) at Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Medical Center outpatient clinics. Patients requiring hospitalization can be admitted to the Tokyo Metropolitan Neurological Hospital through outpatient clinics at either hospital.
2. Education and research
Our hospital conducts clinical research on neurological diseases and participates in collaborative research projects with the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science on basic research based on clinical practice. In addition, striving to educate and develop human resources, we offer opportunities around Japan to conduct clinical neurology examinations and provide recuperative care to educate and train doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. We have held “Neurological Internal Medicine Senior Seminars” from April 2005, and in fiscal 2008, we opened the Tokyo Physician Academy and revamped the seminar into a “Neurological Internal Medicine Course.
3. Community-based medical collaboration projects including home-visit medical treatment
Patients with neurological diseases often have difficulty visiting outpatient clinics due to neurological impairments, and thus require special measures for long-term medical treatment. Since the founding of our hospital, we have provided home-visit medical treatment for individuals with intractable neurological or muscular diseases and other patients in the Tama area who have difficulty getting to and from outpatient clinics. A new community-based medical collaboration project was launched in November 2000. In this project, we cooperate with individuals from local medical associations, public health centers, outreach nursing care stations, and municipal offices in the community where the patient and their family members live with the aim of building a community support network, that helps patients recuperate with a peace of mind in their own community.

Last updated:March 29, 2016