Our Mission


1. Providing medical services that progress along with the development of children

 We will provide medical services that are continuous and coherent throughout the developmental stage ranging
from conception,to birth,pediatrics,adolescence and adult,while closely collaborating with Tama Medical Center, a psychiatric hospital located inside the Ta ma Medical Campus, or other medical institutions, that are operated together.

2. Providing medical services integrating“mind"and “body”

 We will provide medical services that integrate the “mind" and“ body" of our patients, by providing care for
pediatric and adolescent mental disorders and their accompanying bodily symptoms, as well as psychological issues that children with chronic diseases may have.

3. Serving as a core pediatric medical institution Tokyo

 We are committed to contributing to the development of pediatric medicine of the 21st century as a hub for perinatal and pediatric medical care in Tokyo by closely collaborating with other medical institutions, and providing high-quality and specialized medical services to challenging pediatric diseases that cannot be treated at other hospitals.

4. Providing children-centered medical services

 We will provide high-quality medical services with the scope of EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) and “Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital Children Patient's Bill of Rights" to respect the rights of pediatric patients and their family,or "the right to make informed decisions" and “the right to privacy and dignity," while providing the utmost care to the developing mind and body of children,their Ouality of Life (QOL), and a comfortable treatment environment in the eyes of
patients and their family.

5. Providing medical services that progress along with society

 We are committed to disseminating information regarding Children’s Medical Center or pediatric hospital located in Tokyo. While providing the utmost care for the rights of children and their family, actively accepting social support such as volunteers, and responding to societal changes.