Eating and drinking by visitors in the hospital room

As a rule, eating and drinking in the hospital room by those visiting or staying with the patient is not permitted (the same shall apply hereafter). This is due to treatment circumstances and in consideration of patients with meal and/or water restrictions.
 However, you are permitted to drink water or tea (in a bottle or thermos) in the hospital room to keep hydrated during your visit. When doing so, please understand the general no-eating and no-drinking rule for the hospital room and be considerate of other patients.
 The barley tea available in the ward is for patients only. Visitors are asked to refrain from drinking this tea.
 To prevent patients from mistakenly drinking from bottles and containers brought in from the outside, please take them with you when leaving the hospital or hospital room. If no visitor is present, any bottles or containers left behind will be disposed of by a nurse. Your understanding is appreciated.
 Please dispose of open containers in the designated waste bin.

* Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Ward (Kokoro Ward)
 Family members are not permitted to eat or drink in the ward. Please use the family room on each floor for eating and drinking.