Hospital services are available by appointment only

Tama-Nambu Chiiki Hospital provides care on an appointment-only basis. Excluding emergency services, patients must have a referral from a regional medical institution.
Please note that patients without a written referral are required to pay an additional fee at their first visit.

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Telephone appointments

If you have a written referral from another medical institution, please call Tama-Nambu Chiiki Hospital to make an appointment.
Bring the written referral with you on your first visit.


* Please have someone who can speak Japanese call.

HoursMonday – Friday8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturday8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Please note that your appointment may not begin on schedule depending on the circumstances.
To be considerate of other patients, please refrain from changing or canceling your appointment.
If you must reschedule or cancel, telephone the hospital by the following hours on the day before your appointment. Please be aware that appointment changes may not be accepted depending on the situation.

HoursMonday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Outpatient care

On your first visit, please come to the First Visit counter (#1) by 15 minutes before your appointment.

Photo of hospital reception

What to bring

  • Written referral
  • Individual number card (or Health insurance card)
  • Medical care certificated issued by a public institution (for those receiving public aid)
  • Information about your prescriptions, pacemaker, or shunt (if necessary)
  • Hospital ID card (if you have been seen at this hospital in the past; a separate fee applies to re-issue ID cards)
  • Residence Card, passport (for non-Japanese citizens)

Inpatient care

On the day you are to be hospitalized, please complete the procedures at the Admission counter on the first floor. You will be shown to your room afterwards.
Please contact your physician if you must reschedule or cancel your inpatient stay.


Cash (Japanese yen), credit card, debit card, and electronic money payments are accepted.
For information, please inquire at the Cashier counter (#3).


Our policy toward requests for restricted medical treatment on religious grounds

We will take the following action when requested to restrict medical treatment for religious reasons.

1. basic policy regarding refusal of blood transfusions 

At this hospital, in regard to patients who refuse blood transfusions on religious grounds, we have a conditional acceptance of life-saving blood transfusion policy based on the decision of the ethics committee.

  • We will strive to provide treatment without blood transfusions where possible.
  • In addition to providing a detailed explanation before treatment in which blood transfusionmay be necessary, we will strive to gain consent for blood transfusion.
  • In cases where it becomes difficult to maintain life without blood transfusion, we will place priorityon the stance of respecting life and perform blood transfusion.
  • If the above conditional acceptance of life-saving blood transfusion policy cannot be followed,our hospital will explain the difficulty in providing treatment and support the patient inchanging hospital.
  • We will not sign disclaimer forms consenting to absolute non-blood transfusions.

【Conditional acceptance of life-saving blood transfusion】
Stance of respecting the patient’s wishes and provide treatment without blood transfusion, however,blood transfusion will be performed if there is no other method available other than blood transfusionin order to save the patient’s life

【Absolute non-blood transfusion】
Stance of respecting the patient’s wishes and not performing blood transfusion under any circumstance

2. Halal food

This hospital does not provide halal food. Patients who desire halal food cannot be admitted andtreated at this hospital. We will introduce you to another medical institution.

However, we cannot guarantee whether the medical institution we introduce you to will providehalal food. The patient will need to confirm this themselves.

Tama-Nambu Chiiki Hospital Director
Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital Organization

Our policy toward requests for restricted medical treatment on religious grounds(PDF 312.7KB)