Introduction of each department


At our Department of Gastroenterology, we perform upper and lower endoscopy, X-ray, ultrasonography, CT, and CT colonography.Particularly in endoscopy, we use Japan's renowned magnifying endoscopes and optical-digital method to perform highly accurate diagnostic examinations and full endoscopic treatment.With patient safety as our first priority, our goal is the early detection and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers.

Respiratory Medicine

We primarily provide CT examinations to patients who have been instructed to undergo detailed examination after various health checkups and chest X-ray examinations at other medical institutions.Patients will be referred to a designated cancer hospital or other specialized medical institution if detailed assessment or treatment is necessary.Continuous treatment is also available for patients requiring follow-up observation.


Our gynecology department performs detailed examinations and re-examinations for patients who have undergone cervical cancer screening and require further assessment.Since most patients referred for close cervical-cancer screening are still in the precancerous stage (cervical dysplasia), we provide follow-up observation.Patients requiring treatment are referred to appropriate treatment facilities.

Breast Surgery

Our Breast Surgery Department provides detailed examinations after cancer screening and treatment for patients with cancer symptoms in the breast.We perform imaging tests such as mammography and breast ultrasound, as well as needle biopsy and stereotactic breast biopsy.If diagnosed with breast cancer, we refer the patient to the appropriate treatment facility.