Lung Cancer Screening

Lung Cancer Screening

Method: Chest X-ray and sputum cytology

Chest X-rays are performed on all patients. Sputum cytology is an examination of the cells contained in phlegm and is mainly performed on high-risk individuals.
High-risk individuals comprise those 50 years of age or older with a smoking index (number of cigarettes per day x number of years) of 400, individuals with a smoking index of 600 or higher (including past smokers), or those who have had blood-tinged sputum within the past 6 months.

How to collect Your Sputum

Place a phlegm sample in the container after waking up, and do this for 3 days.

How to collect Your Sputum(PDF 629KB)


Please wear an undergarment or plain top with no buttons for the chest X-ray.
Clothing, underwear, and necklaces with metal (lamé, beads, sequins, fasteners, etc.) are not suitable for the examination and should be removed.

You are ineligible for lung cancer screening (group screening) if:

  • You are pregnant or presumably pregnant.
  • You are currently undergoing treatment or follow-up care for a respiratory illness.
  • You have undergone lung surgery or have been diagnosed and are undergoing treatment for lung cancer.