Medical care and testing for COVID-19 and influenza

  • As designated medical institutions for infectious diseases and priority medical institutions related to COVID-19, we have increased the number of wards and beds and actively accepting patients who are critically and seriously ill and need inpatient treatment.
  • We don't do the test from the patient's request.
    We cannot issue a certificate to confirm that the test is negative.
  • If you have fever or cold like symptoms, please visit your primary care/family doctor first.
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<Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Desk>
For those who do not have a primary care doctor or who are not sure where to visit, please consult with the (Telephone 0120-670-440 24 hours, Sat, Sun, Holidays) established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Desk(External link)

<Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center>
If you are looking for a medical institution in Tokyo, please also use the following.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Medical Institution and Pharmacy Information Service (Himawari・t-Pharmacy In-Fo)(External link)