Steps of Hospitalization to Discharge

Steps of Hospitalization to Discharge

Elective Admission

1.Outpatient Consultation

Your physician will determine whether hospitalization is necessary.

2. Deciding the Date of Admission

We will notify the date of your admission to the hospital.

3. Day of Admission

Please come to the Admission Desk on the 1st floor by 10 am.
Our staff will take you to the ward and your doctor and nurse will give you the information about your stay at the hospital and your surgery.

4. Treatment, Exams, Surgery, etc.

5. Follow-up Observation

6. Transfer / Discharge

Once your condition become stable, your doctor will approve your discharge or transfer to another facility.
Please finalize billing arrangements at the Cashier’s Window on the 1st floor on the day of transfer/discharge.

Meals During Your Hospital Stay

We will prepare meals according to food allergies and religious restrictions on an individual basis.
Please understand that we do not handle Halal foods.