Medical care and testing for COVID-19

Medical care and testing for COVID-19

  • As a designated medical institution for infectious diseases, Tokyo Metropolitan Bokuto Hospital focuses on dealing with severe and critical patients who require inpatient treatment.
  • If you have fever or cold symptoms, please visit your primary/family clinic first.
  • Examinations and tests are available in our hospital if both of the following are applicable.
    1. The primary care doctor has decided that medical care and examination in our hospital are necessary.
    2. Have a referral letter to Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital.
    (Note)Please make an appointment at Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital (Monday to Saturday during the day) by 17:00 the day before. (Excluding Sundays and national holidays).
    ・Even if you have a referral letter, we do not provide medical care at night, on Sundays and holidays.(Except in cases of urgency)

Bokutoh Hospital telephone appointment center

03-3633-5511(Main number)Mon. ~Sat. 8:30~17:00 
(Note)Especially in the morning, it is often crowded, but in the afternoon and Saturday, it tends to be relatively easy to connect.

Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Desk

Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Desk(External link)
For those who do not have a primary care doctor or who are not sure where to visit, please consult with the (Telephone 0120-670-440 24 hours, Sat, Sun, Holidays) established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Testing and negative certificates for COVID-19

In our hospital, the doctor who examines you determines the necessity based on the symptoms and carries out the examination.
We don't do the test according to the patient's request.
We cannot issue a certificate to confirm that the test is negative.
For consultation regarding the test, please contact the " Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Desk(External link)" above.

Checking your physical condition at the hospital entrance

In order to prevent novel COVID-19 infection, we measure body temperature and check for symptoms such as cough, sore throat, and strong malaise among visitors to our hospital during outpatient clinic hours.
The operations related to entering the hospital are as follows. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
(For information on entering the hospital, click here.) *Japanese only

  • It opens at 8:00 AM. Please refrain from coming to the hospital before 8:00 and lining up in front of the ward entrance.
  • If you have an appointment to see a doctor and have a fever on the day of your visit, please contact us before your visit.
  • Please make sure to wear a mask when you come to the hospital.

Updated as of February 1, 2024