Protection and Use of Personal Information

President, Ebara Hospital

Ebara Hospital takes the following measures to protect personal information in accordance with its management philosophy.

How personal information is handled

  • By personal information, we mean any information that can identify an individual, such as a full name, date of birth, and address.
  • At this hospital, we obtain and use patients’ personal information (including personal information written on documents) for the following purposes.
  • We manage personal information obtained from patients in an appropriate manner and, unless required by law or regulation, do not provide such information to third parties or use it beyond the scope the purposes stated below.

Purposes of using personal information

[To provide patients with medical care]

Uses within this hospital

  • To provide patients with medical care services (including medical checkups) at the hospital and to improve such services
  • For health insurance administration work
  • For patient-related management operations listed below:
    -Ward management including admission/discharge
    -Bill calculation / accounting
    -Measures against and reporting of medical accidents, medical safety, hospital-acquired infection, etc.

Providing information to other business operators

  • Providing patients with the following medical care services
    -Services provided in collaboration with other hospitals, clinics, maternity centers, pharmacies, home nursing stations, long-term care service providers, etc.
    -Responding to inquiries from other medical institutions
    -Seeking opinion/advice from external doctors and other medical professionals concerning patients’ medical care
    -Outsourcing laboratory tests or other operations
    -Informing families of patients’ medical conditions
  • Health insurance administration work listed below:
    -Outsourcing health insurance administration
    -Submitting statements of medical expenses to examination and payment agencies or insurers
    -Responding to inquiries from examination and payment agencies or insurers
  • Notifying business operators of the results of medical check-ups entrusted to the hospital
  • Consulting with specialized medical organizations and insurance companies about, or notifying them of, matters pertaining to medical professional liability insurance
  • Reporting to or consulting third party organizations to improve the quality of medical care, secure safety, and address and prevent medical accidents, among other purposes.

[Purposes other than the above]

Uses within this hospital

  • For administrative and operational tasks listed below:
    -Creating basic materials for maintaining and improving medical care and long-term care services and other hospital operations
    -Examining cases within the hospital
    -Staff education/training
    -Conducting questionnaire surveys for investigating satisfaction levels and improving operations

Providing information to other business operators

  • Providing information to external audit organizations
  • Creating materials for medical science and academic researches (e.g., presentation at academic societies)
    *In research, clinical trials and funded research, personal information is handled in compliance with relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and other rules.

Consent to intended use of personal information / withdrawal of consent / changes

  • At this hospital, to prevent accidents and secure safety, we call patients by their full names at outpatient departments and other locations within the hospital and display their full names at patient rooms.
    As part of our patient service, we inform visitors of patients’ room numbers.
  • If you do not wish to consent to any of the above intended uses of personal information, please notify us. Unless we are notified otherwise, we will handle your personal information assuming that you consent to the intended uses.
  • You can withdraw your consent to the intended uses of personal information at any time by notifying us.
  • You can also revise, add information to, delete and terminate the use of your personal information.

Disclosure of personal information

  • Patients and legal representatives of minor patients and adult wards may request the disclosure of the patients’ own personal information possessed by the hospital. For details of the scope of disclosure and the required procedures, please inquire the contact below.
  • Duplicates of personal information can be issued for a charge. For fee details, please inquire the contact below.


If you have anything you would like to discuss or inquire, please contact us at the following.

  • Patient Service, Medical Affairs Section, 1st floor