Medical Services for Substance Abuse

We have an outpatient clinic plus day care services for substance-relrated and addictive disorders. They provides rehabilitation for patients on a voluntary basis. The outpatient clinic also offers offers family support programs and self-help groups. Our inpatient’treatment is mainly for acute intoxication accompanied by severe psychomotor excitement. More than half of our inpatients have abused methamphetamine or other drugs. Most patients are admitted to this ward involuntarily.

Substance and Alcohol Dependence Clinic

Patients can either visit the general psychiatry clinic or make an appointment for the specialist clinic. Care plan will be made considering the severity of dependence and physical and mental complications. Inpatient care or day care service may be suggested if necessary.

Substance and Alcohol Dependence Ward

We provide treatment for acute symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions as well as physical care in the locked ward. During your hospital stay, you can seek advice of, or attend lectures by, self-help groups in the community as part of motivational care. You can also try Dependence Day Care before discharge.

  • When you want to receive dependence care with us, first make an appointment for our Dependence clinic. In case of emergency, you can contact the ward social worker for help.

Dependence Day Care

Click here for Day Care Service.

Information for Family

Patients benefit greatly from the help of family members in recovering from dependence. It is also important that family understand the condition accurately. We regulary hold Family Class for family of inpatients and outpatients. Please contact the staff for details.


Social Worker for Dependence Ward
Social Recovery Support Unit
Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital
Tel: 03-3303-7211 (Main)