Addiction Day Program

Our Dependence Day Care offers care programmes to help recover from dependence.

What is Addiction Day Program?

Addiction, for drugs or alchol and so on, is difficult to overcome by yourself with your willpower. However, working together with others makes a difference.
At our Addiction Day Program, you can get help you need to overcome dependence. This includes:
– warm interactionswith peers who share the same problems
– Help in making life more punctual
– Getting a better understanding of dependence as illness

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you spend a sober, happy and meaningful day, with every staff menbers and participant, so that you will find your own goal. We have just started and hope to develop our Addiction Day Program with you.

How to AttendAddiction Day Program

– Addiction Day Program is for outpatients at Matsuzawa Hospital.
– Inpatients who plan to attend after discharge may try attending
– Please consult your doctor if you want to attend or visit our Day Program.