Psychiatric Day Program

Our Day Program offers various programmes for wide range of age groups.

Our Services

  1. You can choose between the following two different groups:
    Group 1: Adolescent Group
    Its goal is to stabilize symptoms through interactions with people of the same age group. This group is for individuals up to 35 years old.
    Group 2: Life Experience Group
    Its goal is to let patients learn how to deal with their disorders and enable them to live independently through various activities and interactions with peers. This group is for patients aged 36 years and over.
  2. You can choose between one-day and half-day cares
    If one-day care seems too tiring to you, then half-day care is for you. Choose between the moring care or the afternoon care. We do not provide lunch for half-day care.
  3. Period of use is open!
    You can discuss your needs and goals with our staff in deciding your period of use. You can use our Day Care as a place to go, to help continue a stable life, or you can use it as you work. We value your individual pace. We offer one-to-one consultations about various difficulties and problems with living in the community, as well as support finding work.
  4. Various programmes to choose from
    We offer various enjoyable programmes with invited professional lecturers such as T English, calligraphy, crafts, music, leatherwork, sports, discussion group, and computing.
    It is up to you to decide which class to attend.