Day Programs

Our Day Program offers a place where people with various disabilities can attend in the daytime to help continue their life in the community.
Our Day Program functions as a bridge between the place for treatment, and life in the community. Our services consist of Psychiatric Day Program and Addiction Day Program. You can choose from the two according to your needs.

Psychiatric Day Program

This is for people of different age groups. Various programmes are offered.

Addiction Day Program

This service offers activities needed to recover from dependence with minimum stress.

How to Apply

– Outpatients at Matsuzawa Hospital*: please consult your principal doctor before applying.

– Inpatients at Matsuzawa Hospital: please consult the principal doctor at your ward before applying.

– Outpatients at other medical institutes who wish to visit our Day Program Department: please contact below.

* We accept viewings of our Day Program facilities from outpatients at Matsuzawa Hospital at any time. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Schemes or some other insurance policies may be subject to fees. Partial reimbursement for self-pay may be given when Psychiatric Rehabilitation Scheme is applied.

Tel: 03-3303-7211 (main)
Please mention your interest in our Day Care services in order to be transferred to the correct department.