Acceptance system

Acceptance system

Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital consists of the Emergency Department, which handles initial and secondary emergency care, and the Critical Care Center, which handles tertiary emergency care.
Bokutoh Hospital has established a comprehensive emergency care system for initial and tertiary emergency patients in cooperation with each department.

Therefore, Bokutoh Hospital accepts patients with all kinds of diseases and injuries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Request for patients

  1. Tokyo ER Bokutoh provides medical care to emergency patients. This is not a general outpatient clinic. First aid is the main treatment, and medicine is prescribed only for one day in principle.
  2. Doctors triage patients according to their symptoms. Triage is to prioritize treatment based on the severity and urgency of the patient.
    Therefore, as a result of triage, we will give priority to patients with more severe disease. Please note that the treatment will not be conducted in the order of reception.
  3. Make sure to call us in advance before ER visits. (Main phone: 03-3633-6151)
  4. It is very crowded at night and on holidays, and you may have to wait for a long time.
  5. If you need more specialized treatment, you may be referred to other medical institution.
  6. Depending on the condition of the hospital beds, we may transfer    patients to another hospital.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Medical Institution and Pharmacy Information Service (Himawari)(External link)

Updated as of February 1, 2024