Mission/ Vision


We support people to live through their life in their way by medical care.


1.Provision of advanced specialized medical services primarily for cancer and infectious diseases

We focus primarily on “cancer and infectious diseases,” and provide Tokyo metropolitan residents with advanced and specialized medical care, including innovative and pioneering therapies. Also, we take advantage of the hospital’s feature of general medicine foundation to provide holistic medicine to cancer patients and to deal with a variety of other diseases. We therefore introduce cutting-edge medical equipment and strive to train our staff with the aim of maintaining and improving ever-progressing healthcare standards.

2.Provision of patient-oriented medical services

We provide patient-oriented medical services, showing due respect to their personalities, informed consent and right to self-determination. We also try to be compassionate to and support our patients who are facing social and economic issues as well as anxieties and other psychological issues in connection with their diseases. Moreover, we strive to prevent medical accidents and to provide comfortable environment for recuperation to improve our services. Through these efforts, we achieve patient-oriented medical services.

3.Emphasis on research and education

We engage in investigator-initiated studies and other clinical researches and clinical trials to actively contribute to the improvement of healthcare standards. We also strive to enhance education and training of our healthcare professionals to provide advanced and specialized medical care in safety.

4.Practice of team care

To provide advanced and specialized medical care in safety, all employees working in the hospital recognize their responsibilities as professionals, and provide medical care as a team by working harmoniously together regardless of their professions, placing our patients at the center.

5.Promotion of medical collaboration

To support our patients to live through their life in their own way and in their familiar surroundings, we endeavor to closely cooperate with medical and welfare staff and facilities in the area where the patients live so that medical care can be provided continuously without letup according to the situation of each patient.

6.Establishing a stable management foundation

We strive to establish a stable management foundation to achieve our mission.