First Time Hospital Visitors


We operate on a referral and appointment basis except for emergencies.
Please make an appointment prior to your visit.
You will need a letter of referral (Patient Referral Document). There is an additional charge of 1,300 JPY for first-time patients with no letter of referral (Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital Regulation Enforcement Statute Article 2).

Making your appointment

Please call the Appointment Center.

TEL: 03-3823-4890

When you call to make your appointment, please give your name, date of birth, telephone number, and symptom(s). You will be asked whether you have a letter of referral, and for your hospital patient ID card number if you have one.

Your next appointment can be made during your visit. Please consult with your doctor. If you wish to confirm, change, or cancel your appointment, please call the Appointment Center shown above.

If you wish to change or cancel your appointment for x-ray or other tests, please call the hospital switchboard.

Appointment Center hours

Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 12 noon

Please note the telephone lines are relatively busy between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. and between 12 noon and 1:30 p.m.

Patients without an appointment

Our hospital is in principle an introduction reservation system. If you do not have a reservation, you may not be able to see.

※ As a general rule, the following department can not be examined if there is no reservation on the following day.

Urology: Thursdays

Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery: Tuesdays and Fridays

※ If you are told that you are going to see a medical institution from the referring medical institution immediately, please contact us by telephone in advance.
(Representative Tel: 03-3823-2101)

What to bring on the day of your visit

  1. Health insurance card (if you have one, please do not forget to bring it)
  2. Letter of referral (Patient Treatment Information Document)
  3. Hospital patient ID card (if you have visited this hospital before)
  4. Appointment slip (if you made your appointment during your previous visit)
  5. Medical certificates such as Elderly Benefits Card, and Workers Compensation documents if applicable

Patients who do not present their health insurance card etc. will be required to pay the full amount of their visit and treatment. Once you present your health insurance card, the insurance amounts will be applied.

If your condition is due to a traffic accident or workplace disaster, please notify the New Patients check-in clerk (Counter #2) in advance.

If you have had a change of address, name, workplace, or health insurance, please notify the New Patients check-in clerk (Counter #2) before you are seen by the doctor. Do not forget to bring your hospital patient ID card on the day of your visit.

At your first visit of each month, you must present your health insurance card at the check-in counter of the department treating you.

Out-of-hospital prescriptions

Komagome Hospital promotes out-of-hospital prescriptions, in accordance with the national government policy of dispensing separation.

You are asked to have your prescription filled at a dispensing pharmacy near you.

The benefits of having a “family pharmacy” include the following.

  1. The pharmacy will keep a record of your prescription history.
  2. The pharmacist will inform you on possible side effects of your medication, and interactions with drugs prescribed to you by other hospitals. The pharmacy will also keep a record of your allergies to help make sure your medication is safe for you to take.
  3. The pharmacy can give you information on the drugs prescribed to you by your doctor or dentist.
  4. The patient is free to choose any dispensing pharmacy as his/her family pharmacy.

Please present your prescription to a dispensing pharmacy no later than 4 days from the day the prescription is written.

For persons with hearing difficulties

For persons with hearing difficulties (Japanese page)(Content is no longer publicly available)