Repeat Hospital Visitors

Patients who have visited the hospital before

revisiting check-in device

If you have visited our hospital in the past and have an appointment, insert your hospital ID card into the “revisiting check-in device” on the 1st floor. Be sure to then collect the “check-in slip” and the “paging device” dispensed by the machine.

The “check-in slip” details the check-in time, hospital ID card number, patient name and other information such as the type of examination and treatment department, name of the doctor, appointment time, etc. The “paging device” will display the patient’s name; please confirm that the name is correct.

Your next appointment, if you ask for one when you see the doctor, will be scheduled. If you wish to confirm or change the date of your next appointment, or cancel the appointment, please do so by calling the reservations-only number (03-3890-4890). For a radiology appointment, you are asked to speak with the clerk at the reservations window of that department.

Hours Available to Make Appointments

Weekdays: 9am – 5pm, Saturday: 9am – noon

The line tends to be busy from 9am to 10am and from 12:00pm to 1:30pm.

Out-of-hospital prescriptions

Komagome Hospital promotes out-of-hospital prescriptions, in accordance with the national government policy of dispensing separation.

You are asked to have your prescription filled at a dispensing pharmacy near you.

The benefits of having a “family pharmacy” include the following.

  1. The pharmacy will keep a record of your prescription history.
  2. The pharmacist will inform you on possible side effects of your medication, and interactions with drugs prescribed to you by other hospitals. The pharmacy will also keep a record of your allergies to help make sure your medication is safe for you to take.
  3. The pharmacy can give you information on the drugs prescribed to you by your doctor or dentist.
  4. The patient is free to choose any dispensing pharmacy as his/her family pharmacy.

Please present your prescription to a dispensing pharmacy no later than 4 days from the day the prescription is written.