Visiting Information

Visitors, Well-Wishers

The schedule for patients receiving visitors is as follows:

General Ward10am – 9pm
ICU, HCU and Ward No. 21011am – 9pm
Palliative Care WardVisitors allowed any time.

Visitors need to fill in the guest log at the Visitor Reception (Admissions/Visitors’ Entrance) with their name, etc. in order to receive the visitor’s badge they are asked to wear.

If you are not wearing the badge, you may be stopped by security.

To prevent accidents and the spread of disease, please let those intending to visit you know that they should make every effort to avoid bringing children along. Also, out of respect to other patients, you are asked to keep the number of visitors and the length of visits to a reasonable level.

This hospital makes every effort to maintain patient privacy by not responding to telephone requests concerning patients. Also, please note that, although your name is usually displayed on the door of your room for identification and safety purposes, if you do not wish to be identified in such a manner, you should make the ward nurse in charge aware of this.


The parking lot charges a fee. Please show your parking ticket at Window 9, Visitor Reception, on the 1st floor.

Patient and patient attendant(s)¥100 up to 3 hours; ¥100 for each additional hour
Visitor(s)¥100 for first hour; ¥200 for each additional hour

It is recommended that visitors come by train, bus, taxi, etc.

Get-Well-Soon e-Mail

We accept “Get-Well-Soon e-Mail” addressed to hospitalized patients. Further details can be found on the Get-Well-Soon e-Mail Page (Japanese).