Information for Inpatients

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are as shown below.

For information on what to do before admission, admission procedures, things you will need during your hospital stay, your life in hospital, and discharge procedure, please click on the links below.

Patients being admitted to the Palliative Care Ward please click here (Japanese page).

What to do before admission


When your admission date is finalized, please come to Admissions (Counter #7). You will be asked about room preferences and will be given information on documents relating to your hospital stay.

The date of admission is finalized by your doctor, who takes into account your symptoms, bed availability, etc. Once your admission date is set, you will be contacted by your doctor or the Bed Management Office at least one day before your admission.

We ask our patients to observe the following:

  • Please refrain from sending in your belongings by courier or other delivery service.
  • Please remove any nail polish, acrylic/gel nails, and jewelry before admission, as they cannot be worn during surgery or tests.
  • You do not need to pay a deposit prior to admission. Please do not bring valuables or large amounts of cash. We are not responsible for loss or theft.

Acrylic/gel nails may contain metal components which interfere with treatment.
Please remove them prior to admission.

What to bring for admission procedures

  • Admission form (documents you received when making your reservation for admission)
  • Health insurance card, medical certificates, etc.
  • Hospital patient ID card
  • Personal stamp (Inkan)

What you will need during your stay

Sleepwear and underwear
Face towel, bath towelSeveral
Nonslip footwear (avoid slippers or sandals)1 pair
Dressing gown or cardigan1
Toiletries (wash basin, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, cup, etc.)1 set
Box of tissues1 box

* Earphones for TV (if you are staying in a 4-person room). Earphones are also available for purchase in the hospital store.

* Dentures and denture case (for denture wearers)

* Meals are served with chopsticks, spoon, and green tea.

* Patients are welcome to use hair dryers supplied in the wards.

* ABSOLUTELY DO NOT bring dangerous objects such as knives, scissors, lighters, etc. Such items are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you need such items, please notify the nursing staff and they will provide you with them as necessary.

* Please bring any moisturizers (hand creams, etc.) you are using at home. These may be necessary for preventing bed sores.

If you are currently taking any medication, you must bring them, as well as your Okusuri-techo (prescription notebook) issued by your pharmacy if you have one.

Please hand these to a doctor or nurse in your hospital ward.

Sleepwear rental (available for a fee

How to request rental sleepwear

  • Make your request at the Request Counter in the 3rd Floor Store, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. or between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.
  • You have a choice of pajama-type or gown type sleepwear.

Your hospital room

For patients who prefer a private room (extra charge)

We offer six types of private rooms for an extra charge.

The cost of a private rooms includes the use of TV, refrigerator, and internet (please bring your own internet connection and LAN cable).

If you prefer a private room, please fill in the “Special Room Request” form when applying for admission.

* Room charges are calculated per day beginning at 12:00 midnight in accordance with hospital policy.

Special private room

This is our most spacious private room.
There are four of these special private rooms, located in Building 3.
The rooms are equipped with a sofa-bed for visitors.

Floor area: 23.4 sq.m
Room charge: 22,000 JPY (per day, including tax)


Floor area: 21.0 sq.m
Room charge: 20,000 JPY (per day, including tax)


Other private rooms

Each room is equipped with shower unit and toilet for the patient to use freely at any time.
The 18,000 JPY rooms are located in Building 3.

Floor area: 18.4 sq.m
Room charge: 18,000 JPY (per day, including tax)


Floor area: 17.0 sq.m
Room charge: 16,000 JPY (per day, including tax)


All rooms have a wash basin and toilet.

These rooms provide more privacy than shared rooms (4 beds), allowing the patient to be treated in quieter surroundings.

Floor area: 14.0 sq.m

Room charge: 14,000 JPY (per day, including tax)


Floor area: 12.0 sq.m
Room charge: 11,000 JPY (per day, including tax)


For patients who prefer a shared room (4 beds)


There is a charge for the use of TV, refrigerator, and internet. To use these facilities, purchase a TV card from a card vending machine located in each Building. Please use earphones when watching TV or listening to the radio in a shared room.

In the room, please switch your mobile phone to silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone.

On the day of admission


On the day of your admission, please come to Admissions (Counter #7 on the 1st floor).
Depending on the date and time of your admission, you may be instructed to go to a different counter.

Please present the following items at the counter.

  • Admission form (documents you received when making your reservation for admission). Please fill in the relevant details prior to presenting it at the counter.
  • Health insurance card, medical certificates (if applicable).
  • Other certificates such as Health Insurance Maximum Copayment Eligibility Certificate, Elderly Benefits Card, welfare medical ticket, Certificate of Medical Disability
  • Hospital patient ID card
  • Personal stamp (Inkan)

* We do not require any deposit for hospitalization.

Your life in hospital

During your stay, you will be sharing your living space with other patients receiving treatment for their medical conditions. Please observe hospital rules and regulations to ensure the best treatment for yourself and other patients.


Meals are a part of your medical treatment and are provided in accordance with your doctor’s instructions and your medical condition. Family members and other visitors should refrain from bringing snacks and other food items to the patient. Patients with food allergies are requested to alert the hospital in advance.

Meal service begins at:

  • Breakfast: 7:30 a.m
  • Lunch: 12:00 noon
  • Dinner: 6:00 p.m.

(Please note that meal service times will vary from ward to ward due to elevator considerations.)

Care by family members

You will be attended to by nursing staff during your stay. There is no need for your family to stay with you.

However, you may have a family member stay with you if you or your family feel that their presence will help alleviate feelings of anxiety, and if your doctor approves this request. Please consult with your doctor or nurse.

Patient identification and wristband use

To ensure safe delivery of medical care, your name will be displayed at the entrance to your room and on your bed. If you do not wish for your name to be displayed, please notify the nursing staff. We also ask that you wear a wristband during your stay for correct patient identification. Your wristband will be affixed after patient identification in your ward and removed in your ward at the time of discharge. Once removed, the wristband will be disposed of as material containing personal information. Please note that you will be asked to say your full name whenever patient identification is required, such as for surgery, tests, injections, and meal service. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Personal belongings and valuables

Please do not bring valuables or large amounts of cash. We are not responsible for your belongings. Your bedside cabinet has a safe which can accommodate your wallet and small items.

To prevent theft, please keep the safe locked and carry the key with you at all times. We are not responsible for loss or theft.

Visiting hours

In order to ensure our patients receive the best medical care and rest, we have set the following visiting hours. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Visiting hours

  • General wards: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m
  • Palliative care wards: 24 hours
  • ICU/HCU/Ward 210: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

* For visiting outside hours, please consult the nursing staff.

* Private rooms are not subject to the above hours.

* Visitors may be asked to vacate the room temporarily for medical procedures even during visiting hours.

* Visitors are asked to enter their name on the Visitors List at the Visitors Reception counter (Counter #9 on the 1st floor). They will be given a Visitors Permit which they must display prominently when they come to the patient’s room. After the visit, please return the Visitors Permits to the Visitors Reception counter.


* Persons with a fever, cold, or gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting are asked to refrain from visiting.

* Eating and drinking are allowed in the dining area and day room. Mobile phones are to be used in designated areas only.

* During influenza season, please wear a mask during visits even if you have no symptoms.

* Please wash your hands with soap or water, or use disinfectant, prior to entering the patient’s room and after using the toilet.

* To prevent accidents and infections, please refrain from bringing small children as much as possible.


Each ward is equipped with coin-operated washer and dryer. You will need a 100-yen or 500-yen coin to use them. A cleaning service is available for a fee. Please submit your request at the store counter on the 3rd floor.

Temporary absence

Patients are asked to stay in hospital at all times to ensure their medical care proceeds smoothly. If you wish to take a temporary leave of absence, you will require a Day Pass or Overnight Pass from your doctor. Please consult with your doctor or nurse in advance.

Non-smoking policy

To protect health and prevent disease, the hospital has a non-smoking policy throughout its buildings and premises. Smoking is strictly prohibited during your stay in hospital.

Please also refrain from smoking in the vicinity of the hospital as a courtesy to the health and well-being of neighboring residents.

Emergency evacuation

In the event of earthquake, fire, or other emergency, you will be guided by doctors and nursing staff. Please remain calm and follow their instructions. Emergency exits and routes are indicated in the information maps in your ward.


The amount of your payment will vary according to the nature of your treatment and the type of your insurance. For details please inquire at Admissions, Counter #7 on the 1st floor.

Your inpatient costs are calculated according to the Diagnosis Procedure Combination (DPC) system.

Inpatient costs will be invoiced every month. Costs are calculated at the end of the month and an invoice presented to the patient after the 10th of the following month. Please make your payment no later than the deadline date at Payments (Counter #5 on the 1st floor). (You may also pay by bank transfer to the designated bank account.)

If you are discharged from hospital, please make your payment at the time of discharge. Please note you may receive an additional invoice at a later date for amounts which could not be calculated by the time of discharge.

You will need your receipt for claiming medical expenses on your tax return. Please note that receipts cannot be reissued in case of loss or misplacement.

How to make your payment

Payment Method (Opens in a New Window)

On the day of discharge

Discharge time is 10 a.m. except for special circumstances. Your cooperation is appreciated. You will be given your invoice in your ward. Please make your payment at Payments, Counter #5 on the 1st floor.

After the ward clerk checks your receipt, you will be given your hospital patient ID card (except for Sundays and holidays).

Please make sure you have all your belongings, including prescription medicine and reservation slip for your next appointment, before leaving the hospital.

Medical care after discharge

We are an acute care hospital providing care for patients who require treatment right away. For many patients awaiting for treatments, we ask you not to stay in hospital longer than necessary if you have completed your course of treatment or your condition has stabilized. After discharge, your treatment will be continued here on an outpatient basis, or at the medical institution who referred you to us. Patients who are past the acute phase but still require hospitalization will be transferred to another hospital in our network to continue their treatment.

We respect the wishes of our patients in planning and carrying out their transfer to a medical institution appropriate to their needs.

Consultation center


We provide consultation and counseling in the Patient Support Center (Cancer Consultation Center) on the 1st floor. Patients can discuss issues and anxieties they may have in relation to their illness. A social worker, clinical psychologist, or nurse will address your concerns. Please do not hesitate to utilize our Center.

For details on the Patient Support Center (Cancer Consultation Center) please click here.(Japanese page).


We have pay parking. Please present your parking stub at the Visitors Reception counter (Counter #9 on the 1st floor).

Patients and caregivers100 JPY for the first 3 hours, additional 100 JPY/hr thereafter
Visitors100 JPY for the first hour, additional 200 JPY/hr thereafter
As much as possible, please use public transportation or taxi to come to Komagome Hospital.


Mail addressed to inpatients must bear their ward name on the envelope.

Persons with Organ Donation Intention Declaration Card (Organ Donor Card) are asked to present it to their doctor or nurse at the time of admission.

To obtain medical certificates and other certificates, please make your request at the Medical Certificate Counter (Counter #8 on the 1st floor) or during one of your outpatient visits.

Inquiries regarding your admission date should be addressed to the Bed Management Office.