Hospital Wards


Units in each wards

Each Hospital Wards is made up of three small units to create a homely care environment. Each Ward has 4-bed roomss and single rooms. Single rooms make up about 30% of total beds in the Main Clinical Building.

Day rooms

Each Ward has a bright Day room/Dining room by a large window. Each unit has several Day corners (small lounges) to provide a relaxing environment. The balcony facing the Day Room is open to impatients to enable them to enjoy the fresh air, wind and sunshine.

Staff Stations


 The Staff Station is located in the middle of each Ward so that staff can visit the patients’rooms quickly. To enable staff and patients to communicate smoothly, all our Staff Stations have an open counter without glass partitions.

Patients’ Rooms


Each hospital room is spaciously allocates allocated 8㎡ per bed. Each bed has an air conditioning vent that can be adjusted by patients. Each room has a toilet and a washstand. Our four-bed room in the Medical Departments Wards has beds placed in a conventional parallel style, each with sufficient surrounding space to allow treatment of physical complications. Indirect lighting and individual air conditioning system help create a better living environment.

Bed Formations


The bed formation in our four-bed rooms in the Psychiatric Wards is a result of number of simulations and is unique to our Hospital. To find a balance between privacy and openness, beds and furniture are placed diagonally so that patients do not see each other even when bed curtains are not drawn. The wood-patterned interior and furniture help create a warm atmosphere.