Social Recovery Wards


After refurbishments to both the exterior and interior and seismic strengthening, the former ‘Wards E’ were reopened as our Social Recovery Wards in May 2013.
Adopting the design concept of the Main Clinical Building, these wards also have theme colors, used for signs and the walls of the staff stations and as an accent color throughout the building.
With wood-patterned flooring sheets that contrast with white as the main color, the overall tone is bright and warm. Lighting and air conditioning systems have been improved to make the care environment more comfortable. We have also reinforced the security system.
As part of seismic strengthening, concrete walls have been thickened and columns and beams have been designed to spread force in the event of an earthquake. As a result of these improvements, the safety level of the building has been increased, and it is now able to endure earthquakes with an intensity of between six and seven on the Japanese seismic scale.