Our restaurant and Shop


Our Restaurant is divided into customers’ and staff’s areas. The customers’ area of our restaurant offers full waiter service: our staff will show you to your table, take your order, serve your food, and clear up the table for you afterwards. As well as the usual lineup, such as spaghetti and curries, we have set menus, cakes and coffee available during lunchtime.
The restaurant is open to everyone including people in the community. There is also a shop in the Hospital where we sell packed lunches, drinks, daily necessities, magazines and newspapers.


Ground Floor

Our Outpatient Departments, Radiology Departments, Physiological Examination Section and Pharmacy are all located on the first floor, so outpatients need not go upstairs or down stairs.
– Our Emergency Room has dedicated consultation rooms, treatment rooms and relatives’rooms. They are located near the Outpatient Departments to promote prompt care.
– Our Shop and Restaurant are also on the first floor and open to everyone.

Second Floor

On the second floor are Service Division, Management Division and Conference Room. The floor has corridors connected to Rehabilitation Ward and Social Recovery Wards.

Third Floor to Seventh Floor

On the third Floor and upwards are16 Wards that meet various needs of inpatients. They have replaced our old Wards that were built separately. There are rooftop gardens on the fifth and seventh floors. The rooftop has a heliport for emergency landing and departure in case of disaster.