Rehabilitation Ward


Psychiatric Occupational Therapy Section


The first floor of the Rehabilitation Ward comes equipped with a multipurpose activity room where patients can enjoy activities such as calligraphy, painting, and other forms of recreation, a computer room with fifteen personal computers, a pottery room where they can mold and fire tea bowls, plates, etc., a music room with karaoke, a kitchen where they can practice their culinary skills, a plot for growing and harvesting vegetables year-round, and other facilities for occupational therapy.

Day Care Unit


Our Day Care Department provides various programs throughout the day, including sports activities, meetings, music, calligraphy, computers, pottery, and gardening.
Participants are divided into a younger group of patients up to 35 years of age and an older group of those 36 years old or older who are mainly interested in achieving independent living. Lunch is provided to those participating in the morning and afternoon programs.
We also provide a half-day, ‘Short Care’ program in mornings and afternoons.

Physical Disability Section


Our Physical Disabilities Department has the same function as the rehabilitation department in a general hospital and provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy based on the results of examinations by physicians.
All of us at Matsuzawa Hospital are doing our utmost to ensure that our patients can receive the therapy they need with complete peace of mind. We also receive requests for assistance from affiliated local medical institutions.
If you are interested in receiving any of the services provided at our Physical Disabilities Department, please first obtain a letter of referral.
<The Physical Disabilities Department is currently moving to the Physical Rehabilitation Room on the first floor of the Main Building.>