This is an introduction to the various inquiry counters of Toshima Hospital


We cannot answer the following inquiries.
  • Inquiries relating to individual medical treatment (including individual consultations relating to the condition of patients)
  • Inquiries relating to individual employees
  • Inquiries without a name and contact information
  • Slander
  • Inquiries in languages other than Japanese
  • Inquiries that cannot be deciphered (including garbled text in e-mails) or understood
  • Inquiries with content not related to the business of Toshima Hospital

Inquiries Relating to Examinations


In case of hurry, please also consider using “HIMAWARI” or “Guide for when you are feeling ill

Tokyo Medical Institution Information Service HIMAWARI

Daily 9:00a.m. to 8:00p.m.

For safe travels in Japan

Guide for when you are feeling ill
Please call from the person who can speak Japanese.
We can not respond in foreign languages.
(We accept English only. I am sorry but other languages are not supported.)
Intl_Patients@tokyo-hmt.jpInquiry by e-mail
※We reply to e-mails only on weekdays between 9:00 and 17:00.
※It may take time to respond after receiving e-mail.

  1. Please copy the following question item in the body.
  2. Please reply to all and send us an e-mail.
  3. We can not respond to the following unless we answer all items

We will check your information and let you know whether we can accept your request.

【Your information】
□ Name [      ]
□ Date of birth [ ___ (year) ___ (month) ____ (day) (e.g. 1988/05/30)]
□ Sex □ Male □ Female
 → If you are female, are you pregnant? □ Yes □ No
□ Nationality [      ]
□ Language [      ]
□ Available languages [      ]
□ Medicines you take regularly [      ]
□ Medical history [      ]
□ Allergies [      ]
□ Purpose of visit to Japan
 →Short-term stay □ Tourism □ Business □ Other[       ]
 Long-term stay □ Tourism □ Business □ Other[       ]
□ Passport number [                ]
□ Address/phone number in Japan
□ Do you have a Japanese public health insurance card?  □ Yes □ No
  → If “No,” do you have travel medical insurance? □ Yes □ No

【Information on your symptoms 】
□ What are your symptoms?  [                     ]
□ Which part of the body do you have the symptom?
□ How long have you had the symptom?
[ Since ___ (year) ___ (month) ____ (day)] 

Opinions and Impressions Regarding the Toshima Hospital Website

We are sincerely apologize, but we cannot reply individually to opinions and impressions in principle.