Outpatient Information

Outpatient Information

In principle, our hospital offers appointment-based medical care to patients referred from primary care physicians and other local medical institutions. Except for in the case of emergencies, please make an appointment and bring a letter of referral from another medical institution.

Please be advised that patients who do not have a letter of referral from another medical institution will be charged 5,000 yen (including tax) as Medical Expenses Combined with Treatment Outside Insurance Coverage for their first visit.

For inquiries concerning medical care in languages other than Japanese, please send an email to the address below, as inquiries in foreign languages regrettably cannot be accepted over the phone. (Please note that it may take some time to receive a reply.)

Only Japanese is available for inquiries by phone on medical services. For inquiries in English, please send emails to the address below. Make sure to follow the instructions below when you send us an email.


  • Send an email between 9:00 and 17:00 on weekdays. We also receive emails at other times but only respond to them during the daytime on weekdays and therefore it may sometimes take a while for you to receive a response.
  • Please write an email in English. If you send emails in other languages, it may take a long time for us to respond or may not be able to respond at all.
  • Do not add an attachment to your email to us. For security reasons, we cannot open an email with an attachment.
  • After receiving your email, we will send you a form with a list of items of information necessary to receive medical services, regardless of the contents of your email. After filling your disease condition in the form, return it by email.
  • Please note that, under the Japanese healthcare system, we are not allowed to issue a prescription unless you see a doctor. If you need a prescribed medication, you must see a doctor.

Please fill in the following information in the form that will be sent in response to your email:
・Your name, birth date, sex, nationality, native language, other languages you understand, passport No., medical history, the purpose of your stay in Japan (short or long term), with or without a Japanese health insurance, with or without a travel health insurance, the date you will visit our hospital, contact information in Japan, symptoms, site and date of symptom occurrence, treatment options you prefer, presence or absence of allergies to food and medication, allergy types, whether currently taking any medication, the types of the medication, other important information

※In an emergency, fill in all the information above and send the form by email.
Email addressIntl_Patients@tokyo-hmt.jp


Payment methods

Cash(JPN YEN), credit card, debit card and electronic money are available for payment.
Credit cards
Credit cards

Debit cards

Debit cards

Electronic money

Electronic money

Payment of medical expensesDepending on your contract, you may not be able to use the above cards.

  • Please make a payment for medical expenses at the Cashier⑧ , Emergency outpatient reception on the 2nd floor.
  • When the balance on the card(Electronic money)is low, but you cannot reload it at the Cashier⑧ or Emergency outpatient reception.
  • You may need receipts for filing tax returns (medical expenses deduction on your income tax) or application for high-cost medical expense reimbursement, so please store them carefully. We do not reissue any receipts.

Documents and Tickets

ReceiptYou will need this when filing your final income tax return, so please keep this carefully.
Reservation TicketThe time and date of your reservation will be printed on this ticket if you have a reservation for next time, so please check this.
Medicine CouponThe date and number will be printed on this coupon if you require medicine (only those with an in-hospital prescription), so please check this.
Change to the Billing Method When Receiving Examinations in Multiple Departments on the Same Day from September 1, 2017

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Those Receiving an Examination for the First Time

We operate an introduction & reservation system in principle. This is information on receiving an examination for the first time at Toshima Hospital for those who have received an introduction and made a reservation. (Please check Introductions & Reservations above for information on introductions & reservations.)

  1. Please visit the Initial Examination Reception on the second floor at least 20 minutes before your reservation time so that we can prepare your chart when receiving an initial examination. Please fill in the treatment application form and then give it to the Initial Examination Reception together with your insurance card and letter of introduction.
  2. We will handle the application of your insurance from when you present your health insurance card, elderly medical care card or public medical care card. If you do not present one of these cards, you will have to pay the full amount of the expenses by yourself (self-payment).
  3. If you have suffered a traffic accident or work accident, please inform us at the time of reception.
  4. We will give you a patient's card (ID card) and reception ticket at the Initial Examination Reception. Please take these and give them to the outpatient reception you are shown to. We will give you your patient's card and reception ticket after completing the reception procedures at the outpatient reception. Once you have received these, please wait in the waiting hall.
  5. You will be given information on your examination on the display device installed on the wall. You will be given information in order of the reception ticket you have in each department. Once your reception ticket number is displayed, please enter the examining room. Nevertheless, the order may change for emergency treatment or other reasons.

Reception and Treatment Times

Treatment Reception Times8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Mondays to Saturdays
Treatment Times9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays
9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays (only dentistry re-examinations)
Meeting times7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
We provide medical care on an introduction & reservation system in principle.

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Precautions at the Time of Examination

This is information on the precautions when using the hospital.

Insurance Cards

When your insurance card changes (e.g., due to a change in name or address) or when you acquire a new public burden medical certificate, please present it to each outpatient reception even if it's in the middle of a month. If the insurance card is expired and you do not present a new insurance card, you will have to pay the full amount yourself (self-payment).

Patient's Card

Please make sure to bring your patient's card (ID card). Please do not damage the magnetic part or lose your card. If you lose your patient's card, we will charge you a re-issuance handling fee of 108 yen (including tax).