2 Life during hospitalization

1. Mobile phones/Smartphones/Tablets

  • You may use your mobile phone and tablet in designated areas within the hospital.
  • If you have any questions about using these devices, please ask one of the staff.
  • Audio and video recording and photography are strictly prohibited in all areas of the hospital.

2. Valuables(Cash、Bankbook、Personal seal)

  • We ask the family of patients to take all valuable items, such as cash, bankbooks, personal seals, etc. with them when leaving the hospital.
  • If you are unable to take these items with you when you leave for any reason, please let the staff in the ward know.

3. Items for safekeeping

  • We may require the following items to be given to the hospital staff for safekeeping.
  • Regulations for the safekeeping of items may vary by ward. For details, please inquire with the staff.
Daily use itemsNail clippers、tweezers、ear cleaners、razors、electric razors
Medications(brought by the patient)
Medications(brought by the patient)

4. Rules against disruptive behaviors

  • Cigarettes are not allowed on the hospital premises. All areas within the hospital are non-smoking. Please also refrain from smoking in areas surrounding the hospital to avoid disturbing local residents.
  • You may not bring dangerous objects or substances into the hospital. Alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden inside the hospital.
  • Below is a list of items that you may not bring into the hospital.
  • If you have any questions, please inquire with the staff.
Prohibited items(partial list)
Knives and other sharp-edged tools
Alcoholic beverages・tobacco・drugs
Objects made from glass
Ceramic objects
Safety pin

5. Shopping at the kiosk

  • The kiosk, ‘Kokage’ is available for service on F1 of the Main Building.
  • Closed during Golden Week, year-end, and New Year’s holidays
  • The kiosk accepts cash and the Shopping Card.
  • The policy on deliveries varies by ward. Please inquire with the staff for details.
  • If you need paper diapers, you may ask your family to bring them.

6. Bathing・Showers

  • Bathing facilities are available according to the schedule in each ward.
  • For details, please inquire with the staff.

7. Excursions・Furloughs

  • You may have an excursion or furlough with the consent of your primary care physician.
  • A member of the patient’s family may be required to accompany the patient on excursions and furloughs depending on the patient’s condition.
  • If you plan on being examined at another treatment center during your excursion or furlough, please first discuss the matter with your primary care physician and obtain an ‘Excursion/furlough pass’ when you receive your examination.
  • For details, please inquire with the staff.

8. Visits

Visitation hours10:00~20:00
  • Visitation hours and locations may be restricted depending on the patient’s condition.
  • When you arrive for a visit, please sign your name in the visitors’ ledger in the first-floor lobby of the Main Building and notify the staff using the intercom next to the ward entrance.
  • A visitors’ ledger is also provided at the security booth at the hospital entrance, the security room at the west gate, the Disaster Center (weekday nights, weekends, and holidays), and the ward entrance.
  • Please note the following for your visit:
    (1) A nurse will ask to inspect anything you bring into the hospital to confirm its safety.
    (2)Please take any food or drink left over from the visit with you when you leave.
    (3)Inebriated (drunk) visitors are not allowed to enter the hospital. Alcohol consumption within the hospital is strictly prohibited.
    (4)If you are suspected of having an infection (cold, etc.), you may be prohibited from visiting patients.

9. Telephone

  • A pay phone is available for your use inside the ward and on F1 of the Main Building.
Public pay phone in the ward
  • You can use your Shopping Card to pay for the toll charge
    (cash and telephone cards are not accepted).
First floor pay phones
  • Located near the first-floor information desk, ‘Komorebi.’
  • Located near the General Examination Reception Desk on F1
  • Cash and telephone cards are accepted
    (you may purchase a telephone card at the kiosk).

10. Meals

Mealtimes and locations

  • You may enjoy your meal in the Day Room or your hospital room.

Types of meals

  • Regular therapeutic meals、special therapeutic meals、test meals.
  • The primary care physician will prescribe the meal type most appropriate for you.
  • If you have any food allergies, please inform the staff.

Menu choices

  • Patients receiving a regular therapeutic meal regimen may choose one of two items on the lunch and dinner menus on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (please note that we cannot guarantee that you will like all the items on the menus).

Celebratory meals

  • Celebratory meals are provided on New Year’s Day, Setsubun, the Doll Festival and other holidays to mark the occasion.

Dietary guidance

  • If you wish to receive dietary guidance, please inquire with your primary care physician.
  • Dietary guidance is offered on an individual and group basis.


  • If you have any questions regarding your meals, please inquire with the staff.

11. Laundry

Coin laundry
  • We generally ask that patients’ family take dirty laundry back to their home for cleaning.
  • You may use your Shopping Card for the coin laundry inside the ward and the dry cleaning service available at the first-floor kiosk.
Laundry methodFees
Coin laundryFees:
Dry cleaningPlease inquire with the staff for details.

12. Guarding your personal belongings

General hospital room

  • You may use the nightstand in your hospital room to secure your personal belongings.
  • Please keep your personal belongings to a minimum due to the limited space available.

Protection Room

  • The clothing you wore at the time of your admission and other personal belongings will be held for you when you are admitted into the protection room.
  • Any personal belongings that are not allowed inside the hospital will be returned to your family or will be kept for you at the ward.

13. Equipment・Facilities

Tea dispenser
  • The tea dispenser in the Day Room provides tea (hot and iced) and hot and cold water.
Call button
  • Each hospital room has a call button.
  • Please enjoy the communal television in the Day Room.
  • The location of the refrigerator varies by ward. Please inquire with the staff for details.

14. Special rooms

Special Room
  • Special single-occupancy hospital rooms are available to help make your hospital stay more pleasant (availability varies by ward).
  • If you wish to stay in a special room, please inquire with the staff in your ward.
  • There is a daily charge for staying in a special room. You will be charged the equivalent of two day’s use for one night and two days.
Fee for use of special roomMain equipment in special room
\14,000 per day(Tax included)Shower、toilet、wash basin、refrigerator、television set、night stand、chair

15. Entrances and exits inside the hospital

The entrances and exits inside the hospital are accessible during the following hours.
(see the hospital floor plan(PDF 183.1KB))

□ Main Building entranceWeekdays 8:00~18:00
□ Emergency walk-in entrance/exit
(Out-of-hours access)
Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and other hours besides those indicated above

16. Evacuation routes

  • Each ward has its own evacuation route.
  • Please follow the directions of the staff during an emergency.
  • If you have any questions about the evacuation routes, please inquire with the staff.

17. Mail

  • There are no mailboxes inside the hospital. If you wish to post any mail, please inquire with the staff.
  • If you wish to post mail to a hospitalized patient, please indicate the ward where the patient is staying.

18. Security cameras

  • Security cameras have been placed at various locations in the hospital to prevent crime and ensure safety.