3 Hospital Fees

1. Payment of hospital fees

  • You will be billed around mid-month for the previous month’s hospital fees.
  • Please settle your payment at Payment Desk 4 by the end of the month.
  • If you wish to pay by credit card, bank deposit or registered mail, please inquire at Payment Desk 4.
  • The cost of meals during your hospital stay will be added to your bill.

2. Hospital fees during furloughs

  • The basic hospital fees will continue to be charged during furloughs.

3. Cost of paper diapers, etc.

  • The cost of paper diapers, laundry expenses, etc. is not included in your hospital bill.
  • Please pay for these expenses using your Spending Money account.

4. The Certificate of Eligibility for Ceiling-Amount Application

  • The limit on your health insurance deductible (copayment) may be sufficient to cover the cost of even high-cost medical care.
  • You may obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for Ceiling-Amount Application at your local municipal office or health insurance association.
  • Please submit your copy of the Certificate of Eligibility for Ceiling-Amount Application at Admissions Desk 1. The policy on the ceiling amount will begin to apply from the month of submission.

5. The copayment reduction system

  • There are various other policies aimed at reducing the amount of copayment for medical care.
  • For details, please inquire at Social Rehabilitation Support Office 14 or ask the social worker in charge of this matter in your ward.