8 We Ask for Your Cooperation

1. Clinical Training

  • Our hospital serves as a clinical training facility.
  • We may ask you to cooperate with residents, nursing students, pharmacology students, and other medical and social welfare students in their training.

2. Our Smoking Policy

  • To provide our patients with the best environment for their recovery, smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas within the hospital grounds as well as on the nearby streets and walkways.

3. About Hospital Tours

  • Because Matsuzawa Hospital is a public facility, visitors from both inside and outside the hospital frequently tour the premises.
  • We ask all visitors to Matsuzawa Hospital to respect and protect the privacy of hospitalized patients.

4. Our Policy on the Use of Personal Information in Research, etc.

  • We are actively working to protect the personal information we hold.
  • We may also use personal information for the following purposes in research, etc.
  • If you have any questions that you have obtained for the purpose of use below, please let us know. If you do not have a specific request, we will treat you as if you have agreed to use it.

    1. Medical information submission form
    2. Diagnostic film data (CD)
    3. Examination results, etc.