5 Our Medical Safety Initiative

1. Privacy Policy: Our Patients’ Personal Information

  • Matsuzawa Hospital ensures that the personal and private information of all our patients is protected in compliance with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Ordinance for the Protection of Personal Information.
  • However, to prevent errors in delivering medical and nursing care and to maximize safety, each patient’s name will be written on the nameplate at the entrance of the patient’s hospital room and on the patient’s bed, IV drip bottle, prescription bag, and food records.
  • All patients are asked to write their full name on their wristband and to wear it at all times.
  • Patients who do not wish their name to be displayed should inform the hospital staff.
  • The hospital safe rooms are equipped with a camera and a microphone to ensure patient safety. However, please note that the camera in the safe rooms does not record images.
  • To make sure that our patients enjoy full privacy, we do not respond to telephone calls requesting information about our patients either directly or on behalf of our patients.

2. Precautions for Preventing Falls

  • We ask all our patients for their cooperation in preventing falls.
  • We recommend wearing appropriate footwear, a hip protector, etc.
  • Please ask the hospital staff for details.

3. Precautions for Preventing Infection

  • To prevent infections or in response to an accident involving the possibility of infection, we may ask our patients to wear a mask, limit their visits, move to a sick room, or take a blood test.