Patient Life

Applying for Hospitalization and Hospitalization Date and Time Contact

Doctors decide hospitalization dates after examining the patient’s medical condition and whether there are any available hospital rooms.
Once hospitalization has been decided, the head of Medical Division Hospital Room Management will contact you over the phone by the date of your hospitalization concerning what time to come to the hospital and other details.

Hospitalization Procedures

As long as you have not received any particular direction from your doctor, please come to the Medical Division Hospital Reception Desk (Window 7) by the appointment time you were sent, and follow the procedures.

What You Need for Procedures

  • Application for Hospitalization (will be passed to you in advance at the Hospitalization Reception window.)
  • Health Insurance Card, as well as other documents if you have them, such as Certificate of Medical Expense Limitations / Late-Stage Senior Citizen Health Insurance Card / welfare medical ticket / Certificate of Medical Disability / Worker’s Compensation Insurance.
  • Consultation ticket (ID card)
  • Personal seal
  • This hospital does not require any deposit for hospitalization.

What to Bring for Hospitalization / Chaperones

What to Bring for Hospitalization

  • Pajamas (sleepwear) / change of clothes / gown or other upper-body clothing , towel, bath towel, items to wash yourself with (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.)
  • Cup, teacup / shoes for hospital room (non-slip) / tissues / headphones
  • Anything else you need for daily life
  • Those who require paper diapers, please bring these as well.
  • For items to prepare upon surgery or childbirth, a nurse will explain separately.
    (Some daily goods are sold at the store on the 1F, so please feel free to use.)
  • We will not store your valuables. Please do not bring these.
    We do not take responsibility for any loss incurred in the hospital.

About Chaperones

Nursing during your stay will be carried out by nurses, so you will not require a chaperone. However, if the circumstances of your medical condition have you preferring a family member as a chaperone, please consult with a doctor or nurse.

Rental and Cleaning During Hospitalization

At the Tama General Medicine Center, a hospital gown and bath towel rental and cleaning service is available for patients who will be hospitalized.
If you would like to use this service, please inquire with the 1F Hospital Service Reception (extension 3188).

About Rental and Cleaning During Hospitalization(PDF 506.9KB)

Guide to Hospital Rooms

Special Rooms

Special Rooms

Special rooms (rooms with extra charge) are available for individuals.

Fee for Use (Per Day)

Single Person Room16,000 yen, 18,000 yen, 28,000 yen

Those who wish to stay in these rooms, please apply when you apply for hospitalization. Please be aware that we may not be able to provide exactly the room you indicated.
Additionally, we will prioritize special rooms to those whose medical condition necessitates it. Even if you are currently using such a room, if another patient’s condition is worsening, we may ask you to move to a different room. Please be aware of this.

The number of special rooms is limited, so please call in advance of your hospitalization date.
During hospitalization, you can be moved from a standard room to a special room. If you would like to do so, please ask the nurse manager of the ward. At this hospital, room fees are calculated as part of your entire hospitalization fee, so unlike the calculation for a hotel room, the number of days will be calculated based on 12:00 AM as the start of a new day.
(Fees for staying one night, two days will be calculated as two days.)

Patients Wanting Standard Rooms (Holds 4)

Standard Rooms

There may be some situations where we cannot provide standard rooms. In those cases, please call ahead to confirm before your hospitalization date. We will discuss options at that time.

Using Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices You Can Use

  • Electric razors, portable music players, personal computers, mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, contact lens cleaners, portable game systems, and other related items such as chargers

Notes Upon Use

  • Do not connect your devices to the hospital’s equipment setup (prepaid card television, etc.).
  • Please refrain from using many electronic devices at once. Extension cords and bifurcated outlets are prohibited.

Using Mobile Phones and Smartphones

  • Please set your mobile phones and smartphones to silent mode. However, please turn off your phones when in designated areas or by order of a doctor or nurse. Please confirm where these designated areas are.
  • Email and Internet may be used anywhere outside designated areas.
  • For making calls, you may use the public telephone in the Central Elevator Hall. However, please be considerate of other patients around you. For details, please confirm with the ward.
  • Do not use wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) so as not to interfere with medical devices on the same frequency.
  • Staff members use a medical PHS system.

Using Computers

You will require permission from a doctor to use a computer.
(If your doctor decides that computer use would cause any issues with your treatment, you may not be allowed to use your computer. Please be prepared.)

  • You may use a computer anywhere outside of designated areas.
    However, connection over wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) is prohibited as it may interfere with medical devices on the same frequency. Do not use it. Also, at this hospital, there is no terminal with which to connect to the Internet.
  • Usage time is from 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • Please be considerate of other patients in the same room as you.
  • If you will use voice commands, please use headphones.
  • Please manage your computer by yourself. In case of theft or damage, this hospital will not take responsibility.
  • The Dotour café has a computer (with a fee) where you may connect to the Internet. Please use if you wish.


  • If you are asked by a caregiver or nurse to stop using your electronic device, please refrain from use.
  • Please confirm which outlet to use with your nurse. The red outlet is reserved for powering medical devices. Do not use this in any case whatsoever.
  • Please be considerate of other patients when using your electronic devices.
  • If your electronic device is out of order, such as that it would pose a danger to other patients, please refrain from use.
  • When using portable music players, computers, mobile game devices, please use headphones so as not to leak sound and be considerate to the other patients around you.
  • Please use electric razors and electric toothbrushes from 6 AM to 9 AM.