For Return Visitors

注目情報Please visit outpatient reception for your department at your appointment time.

  • When returning to the hospital after making an appointment (including appointments solely for testing purposes), before going to outpatient reception at the relevant department, make sure that you feed your consultation ticket into the Return Visitors Reception Machine (1F, Number 5).
    When you feed your consultation ticket into the Return Visitors Reception Machine, it will print out a pager and a reception slip. Take the reception slip to the relevant department or testing window. (Visitors who are only undergoing testing or optical examinations will not receive a pager.)
    The Return Visitors Reception Machine is in service from 8:00-17:00. Your reception slip may be used for confirmation at the reception desk, so please make sure not to lose it.
  • For visitors who have made an appointment for an outpatient visit, you will be given an appointment ticket. (Receipt is attached.) Please bring it for your next visit along with your consultation ticket.
  • For those who have booked an appointment over the phone with the Reservation Center, you will not be given an appointment ticket. Please take care not to mistake your scheduled appointment time.
  • Please consult with General Guidance if you are a return visitor without an appointment.
  • Once per month, we will confirm the status of your health insurance card. Even for those who continually visit for outpatient services, please make sure to bring your health insurance card the first time you come in during a new month.