How to Make Reservations

注目情報At this hospital, as a rule, we only accept patients based on a referral appointment system.

ER (emergency room) treatment, as a rule we only accept patients based on a referral appointment system.
First-time visitors, please prepare beforehand a patient referral document (introduction) from your present medical institution, call the Appointment Center, and make an appointment with the desired department.

What is a patient referral system?

At this hospital, excepting cases of Appointment Center Direct Telephone Number 注目情報042-323-9200
Telephone Appointment Reception 9 AM ~ 5 PM / Monday ~ Saturday

  • Note that appointments can only be made up until 3 PM the day before. We do not make same-day appointments.

At the Telephone Appointment Reception, Proceed With the Next Reception Via Telephone

First-Time Visitor Appointments

  • First-time visitors to this hospital
  • Those who have visited in the past, but are visiting a different department this time
  • Those whose last visit was over three months ago.
  • However, this excludes cases where doctors have prescribed a break in treatment.

We ask you please to bring your patient referral document (introduction) from your present medical institution.
Business cards, test results, annual physical results *themselves are not a substitute for a patient referral form. Please take note of this.

  • Excepting cases where doctors from health care centers and municipalities have identified the necessity for treatment based on the results of an annual physical, have specified this hospital as a possible medical institution for treatment, and specifically refer a patient to this hospital

Return Visitor (Examination) Appointments, Changes, Cancellations

  • Those who did not make an appointment for their next visit during their previous visit
  • Those who made an appointment for an examination, but would like to change their appointment date
  • Using your consultation ticket, please share the registration number and name of the visiting patient.
  • We do not make appointments for testing.
  • Please make sure that your number is correct.
  • During appointment reception hours from 9 AM to 1 PM, the phone lines are extremely crowded and it may be difficult to place your call. We sincerely apologize in advance.
  • Patients who have a patient referral form from their present medical institution must make an appointment.
  • Patients with severe mental and physical handicaps with a dental appointment, please phone the Dental and Oral Surgery department directly afterward.
    Dental and Oral Surgery Department Phone Number: 注目情報042-323-5111
  • Depending on open spaces for appointments, we may not be able to book you on the day you requested. As much as possible, we ask that you make your next appointment for a visit during your current visit.