For First-Time Visitors

At this hospital, aside from ER (emergency room) visits, as a rule we only accept patients based on a referral appointment system.

What is a patient referral system?

For those visiting for the first time, you will need to prepare beforehand a patient referral document (introduction) from your present medical institution, call the Appointment Center, and make an appointment with the desired department.
Business cards, test results, annual physical results *themselves are not a substitute for a patient referral form. Please take note of this.

Excepting cases where doctors from health care centers and municipalities have identified the necessity for treatment based on the results of an annual physical, have specified this hospital as a possible medical institution for treatment, and specifically refer a patient to this hospital

Guide for Making Appointments

For first-time visitors, please take a seat 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
Please follow the procedures at Medical Reception (Window 1).

First-Time Visitors Are:

  • Those undergoing treatment at this hospital for the first time
  • Those who have already received treatment at this hospital, but are visiting a different department for the first time
    (For instance, if one has already visited the internal medicine department, but will be visiting the ENT department for the first time)
  • Those who have visited a department at the hospital before, but have not made a visit in over three months
    (excluding, however, cases where doctors have prescribed a break in treatment)

Before coming to the Medical Reception desk, staff will be on-hand to answer any questions from first-time visitors to the hospital. Do not hesitate to ask them for any assistance.

  • When coming for a visit, make sure to bring your health insurance card and certificate of current ongoing treatments (if applicable).
  • This hospital operates on a referral appointment system. When visiting the hospital, please bring your referral form from your primary care doctor at your regional medical institution.
    Patients without a referral form will be charged an initial fee for non-referrals of 7,000 yen. Some departments may not admit patients without referrals. Please take note of this.
  • First-time visitors to the hospital will receive a consultation ticket after clearing reception. When visiting the hospital for treatment thereafter, please bring the consultation ticket.