Our Services

Our Anesthesiology Department was operated by full-time and part-time anesthetists.
In 2009, our Hospital has been a Certified Hospital of the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists.

(Operation Anesthesia)
We perform approximately 1,300 cases of anesthesia per year.
They are mostly related to surgerical, orthopedical, neurosurgical and plastic surgerical operations and modified electroconvulsive therapy.
Our anesthesia is characterised by a high rate of patients with mental disorders and a great number of electroconvulsive therapy.
Since 2010, all electroconvulsive therapy has been operated by modified version and we are making every effort to provide safe anesthesia without an accident.

(Pain Clinic)
We opened our Pain Clinic in July 2012. We accept patients with mental complications, as well as patients in the local community.

(Clinical Engineer)
There is a full-time Clinical Engineer at our Anesthesiology Department. The engineer is a medical device specialist, serving the duty of operating, maintaining and managing life support devices under the instruction of doctors.
The tasks include the operation, maintenance and management of various hemoperfusion devices (e.g. hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, plasmapheresis, hemoadsorption, purification/ concentration of ascites), maintenance and management of operation theater medical systems (e.g. anesthesia apparatus), maintenance and management of endoscopic equipment and operating assistance at the endoscope room, and the management of comprehensive equipment (e.g. maintenance and management of ventilators and inspection on the rounds).

Our Clinic

Full-time and part-time doctors operate anesthesia. Our Pain Clinic takes place on Thursday afternoon. As a rule, you need to make an appointment at our Appointment Desk in advance.