Our Services

We provide treatment for patients with mental disorders who are referred to us by other psychiatric hospitals for orthopedic complications. We also provide care for people in the local community. Orthopedic specialists provide careful consultation and comprehensible explanation. We deal with general injuries (fractures), soft tissue infections (e.g. cellulitis), arthropathy (e.g. shoulder joint, knee joint, hip joint and artificial joint treatment) and spinal conditions (operations are limited to laminectomy of lumbar vertebra or non-endoscopic lumbar disk herniation operation).
If patients require surgery that are difficult for us, we refer them to other hospitals nearby.

Our Clinic

Full-time and part-time orthopedists work for our Clinic. We provide outpatient consultation in the morning of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. As a rule, you need to make an appointment before you visit us. On the other weekdays, we perform operations and provide inpatient care. Emergency cases are accepted if necessary.
If you live in the local community and want to visit us, please make an appointment at our Appointment Desk.