Nursing Department

Our Services

The policy of our Nursing Department is, based on the Management Principles of the Hospital, to ‘provide kind and considerate nursing care’. We value personality of each patient and provide patient-centered care with expert nursing skills.
We develop systems and in-service education to maximize nursing expertise, and provide care in staying with patients, with the help of many other staff.
Now that the hospital has been renewed, providing general department (Internal medicine and Surgery) care and psychiatric emergency care, we aim to provide holistic nursing care for both body and mind. The interior of the hospital is also designed to value patients’ point of view, offering concave areas that give individual space to patients, with an overall bright color tone and vibrant furniture.
Nursing care information systems (electronic medical record) and Supply Processing and Distribution systems (SPD) have been introduced as support systems for nursing.

Providing Nursing Care

We provide nursing care in modular-type continuous assignment system, in which one nurse will be responsible for her assigned patients from admission to discharge.
Our work shift is an irregular double rotation or irregular triple rotation, depending on wards.

In-Service Education

Our Nursing Department provides a clinical environment where education and practice are integrated and supports every nurse in her professional development. Based on the Management Principles of the Hospital, our in-service education aims to produce staff that can provide quality care for patients and their families and develop their expertise in psychiatric nursing care.