Internal Medicine

Our Services

Our Internal Medicine Department focuses on internal diseases associated with mental illness. We provide care for our psychiatric outpatients and inpatients, as well as inpatients in other psychiatric hospitals who are referred to us via Tokyo Metropolitan Mental Health Care Division. Patients without mental disorders are also accepted when they are referred.
As a part of the Physical Complications Care for Phychiatric Patients Project, physical emergency patients are accepted through Tokyo Metropolitan Government on appointed days (2nd and 4th Wednesday nights).
We often deal with internal diseases associated with mental disorders (e.g. lifestyle-related diseases), illness with both mental and physical symptoms (e.g. organic mental disorders, symptomatic psychosis, substance related disorders) and physical illnesses due to psychotropics, as well as general internal diseases.

Our Clinic and Wards

Full-time doctors (including the deputy hospital director) work for the internal medicine department. They are board-certified physicians, circulatory specialists, broncho-esophagological specialists and nephrological specialists, but they all treat internal illnesses in general.
We also have part-time doctors who work for the Outpatients Clinic. They consult patients with ematologic diseases.
Hospital care is provided at the General Internal Medicine Ward, the Internal MPU Ward and the Infection (Tuberculosis) Ward. In each ward physicians and psychiatrists work closely together on physical and mental illnesses.