Our Services

Our Radiology Department can perform general x-ray photography and fluoroscopy, whole body Multi-slice CT scans, 1.5 Tesla MRI scans, digital subtraction angiography (DSA) and radioisotopes (RI).
We also perform, by using DSA, installation and removal of inferior vena cava filters (IVC filters) to prevent pulmonary embolus causing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the lungs, as well as intravascular treatments such as direct vascular dosage for the liver. We do not perform high-energy radiotherapy.
Patients at our Hospital will be referred to us for examinations by their doctors if necessary. Other patients may be referred to us via other medical institutions nearby. In this case, our reports will be submitted to the institutions, and the patients will continue to visit them after the examinations.
History taking and arrangement of RI agents are necessary before examinations, so please make an appointment in advance at the Radiology Reception (Tel: 03-3303-7211/ ext.1552) via your current hospital.
DSA, installation and removal of IVC filters and DVT operations will require hospitalization and a physician’s consultation. Please contact us in advance.