Department of Clinical Study

1. Medical Treatment Details and Features

 We support the activities of clinical trials, clinical studies and clinical researches aimed at helping develop new drugs and medical equipment and explore more effective therapeutic and diagnostic methods. Among clinical researches for human participants, the one designed to investigate effectiveness and safety of therapeutic methods and diagnostic methods scientifically is called clinical study. Among clinical studies, the one designed for obtaining approval for sale of medicine or medical equipment is called clinical trial. Japan trails behind advanced nations in Europe and America and neighboring Asian countries in conducting clinical trial and clinical study which is a major issue faced by the country. The delay in clinical trials is especially noticeable in the pediatric field, and 70% or more of medicines are used without indication for children. Our hospital uses the clinical experience as a “dedicated pediatric hospital” and uses the approved functions as a “medical institution related also to non-insurance combined medical treatment” in the Tokyo National Strategic Special Zone.

2. Main target diseases

 We aspire to develop new medicines, medical equipment and treatments that any child can use without concern. Together with educational activity for patients and families about clinical trial and clinical research we support general clinical research activities to promote high-quality clinical trials and clinical researches including support for research planning, designing, execution, analysis and presentation.