Department of Tuberculosis Treatment

1. Department of Tuberculosis Treatment

 Tuberculosis is one of diseases that is difficult to detect early on because it is asymptomatic and progresses slowly. Especially, infants infected with tuberculosis tend to develop severe tuberculosis such as meningitis and suffer from grave sequelae. It is necessary to accurate diagnose whether the patient has pulmonary tuberculosis after making contacts with someone with tuberculosis. Our hospital is one of the few facilities that can treat children with tuberculosis and accepts patients also from areas other than Tokyo.

2. Main target diseases

  • There is a case of tuberculosis in the family.
  • Contacted someone with pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • Persistent severe fever and cough
  • Lesions detected on chest X-rays and not getting any better.
  • Skin around the site where the needle entered became intensely reddish one day after BCG vaccination.
  • Injection site of BCG vaccination became oozy. There grew an armpit lump

At our hospital, as a rule, except in the case of emergency cares at ER we only accept patients based on a referral appointment system.


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